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Pallister Park
Primary School

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School Organisation

Position Staff Members
Headteacher Mrs C Wain
Deputy Headteacher Mrs H Adams
Senior Teacher Mr M Waterfield
Assistant Heads: Mrs A Gribbon, Mrs H Newbold and Mr A Oliver
Nursery 1 Miss E Close
Mrs L Appleton
Mrs C Drury
Miss H Leeson
Miss S Muir   
Nursery 2 Miss Z Thomson
Mrs C Leadbeater
Miss M Hewitt
Mrs A McLoughlin
Miss N Thompson
Miss S Drury
Mrs T Fenwick
Reception Miss C Taylor
Miss R Crutchley
Miss H Secker
Mr G Grant
Mrs J While
Mrs K Tennant
Mrs M Hodgson
Miss E Beauchamp
Mrs E Thornhill
Miss E Stainthorpe
Year 1 Mrs A Gribbon
Miss R Mitchell
Mr T Heap
Mrs T Carling
Mrs K Tennant
Mrs E Thornhill
Mrs H Bolsover
Mrs J Wall
Year 2 Mrs H Snowball
Mr Y Ahmed
Miss L Watson
Miss E Brown
Mrs D Moreton
Mr A Moores
Mrs  Cox
Mrs S Horne
Miss E Marsden & Mrs W Gunn                                                                              
Year 3 Mrs R Cacioppo
Mr R Leggott
Mr G Parker & Mrs C Masters
Miss M McCarthy & Mrs J Grafton
Year 4 Mr C Round
Miss R Giles
Mrs K Askham & Mrs A Groves
Year 5 Miss S Knox
Miss M Salvati
Mr M Suthers
Mrs S Cossavella
Year 6 Mr A Oliver
Mrs H Newbold
Mr M Waterfield        
Mrs R Baxter  
Mrs C Round
Vulnerable Pupil Support Mrs L Felgate
Mrs K McMahon
School Business Manager Mrs N Russell
Finance and Premises Administrator Mrs J Dent
Administrator Mrs R Jessop
Office Manager Miss C Jeffels
Office Admin Mrs A Duncan
Additional Staff Mr H Rutland
Site Manager Mr M Hutt
School Cook Mrs J Freeman



School closed for Easter Break

Date: 29 Mar 2018

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School re-opens at 8:55am

Date: 15 Apr 2018

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