Academy trusts are founded by Members. They agree the trust’s first articles of association, which includes the Trust’s charitable purpose. The academy trust must have at least three Members. Employees of the academy trust must not be Members. Members are not involved in the day-to-day business of the trust. However, they do have an important role in an academy trust based on a number of key powers set out in the articles of association and in company law.

Members help to ensure that Academy Trustees are exercising effective governance by utilising a range of powers including:

  • Appointing and removing Academy Trustees
  • Appointing and removing Members
  • Directing Trustees (Members can, by special resolution, direct Trustees to take a specific action where Trustees are unable or unwilling to act in the best interests of the academy trust)
  • Amending the Trust’s Articles of Association
  • Appointing and removing Auditors

Our Children 1st Academy Trust Members are;

NameAppointed byDate Appointed
Mrs Ros JessopMembers29/05/2021
Mr Richard PainterMembers01/03/2022
Mr Christopher WaltonMembers07/06/2021
Ms Alison Kerr Resigned 21.03.2022Members01/02/2017

The Members meet at least once per year at an Annual General Meeting.


The Trustees are both Charity Trustees and Company Directors, who have ultimate accountability for the way in which Pallister Park Academy is managed.

The Trustees focus on three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing and ensuring effective financial performance

The Trust Board may discharge its responsibilities by delegating functions in accordance with the Trust’s Articles of Association, Funding Agreement and Academy Trust Handbook. The Trust has approved a committee structure and delegated responsibility to those committees.

The Trustees are appointment by the Members. The Headteacher/ Accounting Officer is a Trustee. There are no other employed representatives within the Trustees, and the Trustees will not exceed the 33% ‘employed within the Trust’ limitation at any time. There will also be no more than 19.9% of the Trustees associated with a Local Authority.

There are currently 7 Trustees in Our Children 1st Multi Academy Trust.

Mrs Julie Davis is Chair and can be contacted c/o Pallister Park Primary School, Gribdale Road, Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, TS3 8PW.

NameAppointed byDate Appointed
Mrs Julie Davies (Chair)Co-opted by Trustees05/12/2022
Mr Stuart WilliamsAcademy Members05/12/2022
Mrs Heather Adams (Head Teacher)Ex officio 
Mrs Jane ThackstoneAcademy Members08/04/2021
Mrs Helen BoneAcademy Members12/04/2021
Mrs Lynne ChalkAcademy Members27/11/2019
Mr Stuart BennettParents11/02/2022
Professor Graham Henderson OBE Resigned 11/02/2022Academy Members27/11/2019

Trustees meet at least 3 times per year.


Curriculum and Standards and WelfareFinance, Audit, Risk and Resources
Mrs Lynne Chalk (Chair)Mrs Helen Bone (Chair)
Mrs Jane ThackstoneMrs Jane Thackstone
Mrs Julie DaviesMr Stuart Williams
Mr Stuart BennettMrs Lynne Chalk
Mr Stuart Williams 
Meet at least 3 times per yearMeet at least 3 times per year

TrusteesRelevant business and pecuniary interests (including governance roles in other educational institutions)
Mrs H AdamsItchy Robot UK Ltd
Mrs J ThackstoneDHT – Green Lane Academy. Professional Lead in Schools Direct Programme
Mrs H BoneCFOO James cook Learning Trust, Director Prime Process Engineering
Mrs J Holden – DaviesOfficial at DfE
Mr Richard Painter ( LAAP) Middlesbrough Council Local Authority Officer

TrusteeMeetings attendedOut of a possible
S Williams – Chair56
J Davies  56
S Bennett    55
H Bone66
L Chalk 56
J Thackstone  56
G Henderson (resigned 11.02.22)  22
H Adams (HT and Accounting Officer) 66