Free school meals

We appreciate that family circumstances may have changed and you may feel you are eligible for free school meals. If you think you may be eligible you can send the following details to or contact school on 01642 242174.  A check will be carried out and you will be advised whether eligibility has been confirmed. Thank you.

  1. Parents Name
  2. Parents Date of Birth
  3. Parents National Insurance Number
  4. Child’s Name
  5. Up to date address


  School Dinner money is due on a Monday morning, or the first day of the school week and is £10.75 a week (£2.15 per day).

At the beginning of each half term the children are asked to choose their dinner options ( a school meal or a packed lunch) and they will then stay with that choice for the full half term.

Our Key Stage 1 children receive a free school dinner as part of a Government initiative, however, if you think you may still be eligible for Free School Meals, we would urge you to apply as it will benefit our children as our pupil premium grant is dependant on the number of children with FSM (Free School Meals) we have.

School meals are served on a cafeteria system between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.  Children are given an excellent choice of food, both hot and cold, and the standard of meals is very good.