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Welcome to the Pallister Park Reception Page

The primary aim of planning is to ensure that all children are motivated and excited about learning, and that they are effectively supported along their own unique learning journey. Planning should provide opportunities for exploration of ideas, resources and experiences. It should guarantee developmentally appropriate challenge for all, and a range of meaningful contexts for consolidation and application of learning. Planning is a ‘tool kit’ for adults but should be enabling rather than restrictive.

This term we will be covering:

  • Ourselves
  • People Who Help US
  • The Gruffalo
  • Autumn
  • Autumn Celebrations
  • Christmas




Year News

Keep watching twitter to see the exciting things our children get up to in Reception.

We hope you are all enjoying your Maths packs.

Reception’s P.E. day is Friday -  please make sure our children have a red t-shirt, black shorts and black plimsolls.

Our lending library day is Friday – please return your book each week to share our lovely stories.




  • Reading books – ask your child to tell you a story using the illustrations in the book. They should sound out the letters and blend them together to read the words.
  • Sound recognition cards – children can use the letter cards to identify the name and sound of each letter. They can then use the letters to build up words.
  • High frequency word cards – children should use their sound knowledge to sound out and blend words. They will also be given ‘tricky’ star words which cannot be sounded out.
  • Number cards – children are given numbers 0-20. They are expected to recognise and order numbers. They should be able to count objects to a given number and identify one more and one less of a given number.
  • Name writing – please help your child to practice writing their name using the letter formation sheets provided. If another copy of this is needed, please just ask.


This Terms Events

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