Our Children First Multi Academy Trust

Welcome To Pallister Park


We are a school that provides a vast range of opportunities for learning both in and out of school. We are part of a team that work together in order to learn more about the world around us and equip our children for a successful future. Our friendly staff go the extra mile to provide exciting learning opportunities and experiences that take us beyond the classroom and make each pupil feel valued, and part of a school which is full of exciting opportunities. 

Safeguarding children is very important to us and we take great care in making sure our policies reflect our practice and procedures. We ask that everyone in our school is ‘ready, respectful and safe’ in order to ensure we can collaborate and support each other every day.  

We work as a team at Pallister expecting children and adults to all share our values and expectations to learn new things, develop our skills and ensure we are the best we can be. Together we can have the best future, be able to embrace challenge and be confident to take risks.

I am exceptionally proud to be Headteacher of Pallister Park Primary school after beginning my teaching career here as an NQT. It has provided me with the support and encouragement to be in my dream job and I will continue to ensure all our pupils and staff have the same welcoming environment in which to thrive. 

Mrs Heather Adams