Curriculum Improvement Plan – PE

Focus for improvement Specific Action Staff Responsible Success Criteria/Outcomes Evidence
Quality of teaching and learning
To ensure a continued delivery of a wide range of sporting opportunities, increase involvement with sports groups and organisations in the community. Continue to develop and make effective use of visiting teaching staff and coaches throughout the school and in all areas of the PE curriculum. AO



All children are given opportunities to further develop their skills in all aspects of physical education.

Children enjoy and look forward to PE lessons and are keen to further their skills.

Increased participation in all areas of school sports.


We have increased our range of sports taught during PE lessons.

Child/staff feedback is very positive and more inclusive than ever.

School Games Mark Gold Award.

To enhance the quality of PE lessons throughout school, providing coaching and mentoring for staff within lessons, including Swimming. Sports specific coaches to continue to work alongside staff throughout school to plan, deliver and assess teaching and learning. AO


Staff feel more confident in own skills in planning, teaching and assessing a wide range of PE activities. Quality of lessons are raised throughout school. Through discussion and observation staff confidence is high.

Staff continue to work alongside coaches to guarantee high standard of PE lesson.

School Games Mark Gold Award.


Achievement of Pupils
Gifted and talented children planned for and stretched in PE lessons.

SEN children given support and planned for accordingly to meet their needs.

G & T children to be more specifically directed towards further opportunities to enhance their skills and performance. AO


G&T and SEN children to be identified and planned for appropriately. Effective use of links with local sports clubs is made to help G & T children to further their skills. G&T have excelled in competitions, winning more events than ever.

More children are attending sports clubs away from school due to interest sparked during school.

New inclusive sports have been introduced into PE lessons.

School Games Mark Gold Award.